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Dental Problems – A Helpful Guide for Patients

15 April 2021

Some dental problems need urgent attention, and others can be managed at home. St.James Dental is open for routine and emergency appointments, and ready to help in the event of a problem. If you are struggling to attend or concerned about a dental problem, the following information is a guide to help you at home….

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Do you have worn or broken teeth?

9 March 2021

Many patients don’t discuss tooth wear with us because they don’t realise that their teeth are worn, or that we can help. Ask yourself the following questions. Do your teeth look shorter than they used to? Are your teeth so worn that they don’t ‘show’ when you smile? Have your teeth become sensitive, limiting what…

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Fund Raising at St.James Dental

29 January 2021

During the month of December, the team at St.James Dental raised vital funds for international children’s charity Smile Train. This charity has a single vision, to give every child born with a cleft the opportunity for a healthy and productive life, and the ability to smile. Many children around the world are living with untreated…

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Have you considered a Mini Smile Makeover?

12 January 2021

Beautiful Smile, Minimal Intervention, Minimal Cost Traditional Smile Makeovers In the past, the only way to improve the shape, colour and alignment of the teeth was to drill away precious natural enamel and make space for porcelain crowns and veneers, which often needed replacements over time. The process of repeatedly damaging the living part of…

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Are you happy with your smile?

17 December 2020

Are you happy with your smile? If the answer is no, then you are not alone. According to Dentistry Online, forty percent of the British public are unhappy with their teeth. Here at St. James Dental, we provide a number of dental treatments that can help you feel better and happier about your smile. If…

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New Normal, New Smile, New You

12 October 2020

We are all experiencing new ways of living, whether it’s limiting our numbers in social gatherings or trying to think of new ways to adapt our businesses and daily lives throughout the ongoing situation. As we adapt to the ‘new normal’, we may have more time to focus on ourselves and the things we have…

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The importance of good oral health

25 August 2020

We know that for many people, it has been a challenging time of late. The pandemic has made a huge impact on all of us and there has understandably been a break to all of our daily routines. As we adapt to the ‘new normal’, we are forced to make changes and develop new habits….

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Dealing with Damaged Teeth

20 August 2020

What to do if an adult tooth is broken or knocked out? Don’t Panic but act quickly – contact St.James Dental for advice By the age of fourteen, one child in four will have broken, or knocked out a front tooth! Children can damage their teeth in many different ways through accidents in and around…

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Protecting Children’s Teeth

19 August 2020

From babies to toddlers it’s important to start good dental habits early! Parents need to think about the long-term care of their baby’s teeth, even before the teeth have erupted. No baby is too young to attend St.James Dental so bring your baby with you when you come for your next routine examination. We recommend…

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Thank You From All The Team At St.James Dental

22 July 2020

As of the 8th of June, we were finally allowed to reopen our doors and once again care for our loyal patients. Here at St.James Dental, we take great pride in caring for your health and well-being, and we found it particularly hard not being allowed to see you or manage your dental emergencies during…

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