Are you happy with your smile?

17 December 2020

Are you happy with your smile? If the answer is no, then you are not alone. According to Dentistry Online, forty percent of the British public are unhappy with their teeth. Here at St. James Dental, we provide a number of dental treatments that can help you feel better and happier about your smile.

If you feel self-conscious about crooked teeth or large gaps, find out how orthodontic treatment can help. Teeth straightening at St.James Dental can not only transform your smile but boost your self-confidence and improve your oral health.

Traditional and Ceramic Fixed Braces

Fixed braces have traditionally been popular because they are so effective and predictable. They are suitable for patients of all ages and use a system of small brackets and wires to move the teeth in a very precise manner. They are generally the preferred option for severe overcrowding, unusual tooth eruption, or a very deep overbite, and are often used in children’s orthodontics.

Ceramic braces are becoming more popular with adults and work in the same way as traditional fixed braces, with the same predictable results. Their main advantage is that the ceramic brackets are tooth coloured, making the braces less noticeable. It is a more aesthetically pleasing option and the number one choice for many of our patients.

Once started, you are seen every 4-10 weeks so we can check your braces and make any adjustments. Sometimes we use springs and elastic bands to help straighten the teeth. You will always be kept informed of what we are doing and why.

Lingual Braces – 3M™ Incognito™ Lingual System

If you wanted a more discreet tooth straightening option, lingual braces might be the choice for you. Also known as “hidden braces”, they still use fixed metal brackets and wires, but they are cleverly ‘hidden’ and fitted to the back of your teeth, rather than the front.

Lingual braces are virtually invisible when you smile, eat, or talk. They are an excellent solution for people who feel self-conscious about having their teeth straightened. They are suitable for patients of all ages, and one of the many reasons why more people are visiting us.

The 3M™ Incognito™ lingual system features fully customised brackets, wires, and bonding trays, to deliver exceptional results and get the straight smile you have always wanted. This advanced tooth straightening system hails from greater patient demand for invisible, comfortable, and convenient orthodontic treatments, alongside an expectation for outstanding results. This system makes it easy for you to smile right from the start, with the invisible braces giving you back your confidence as soon as your teeth start to move.

As with traditional braces, you are seen every 4-10 weeks to have the wires adjusted. Depending on how much straightening is required, lingual braces can take anything from six months to two years to work their magic. However, even for the longer treatments, you will start seeing results within a few months.


Developed in the U.S. as one of the most discreet and convenient teeth straightening systems in the world, Invisalign® has taken the UK by storm, and for good reason. This innovative system provides a bespoke comprehensive digitalised treatment plan, that has been developed from years of research and data collected from millions of patients worldwide.

It starts with a computer-generated simulation of how your teeth will look at the end of treatment. Once you see the results, it is hard to say no. A series of clear custom-made aligners are 3D printed that will simply move your teeth into the right position. Each set of aligners is worn for 1-2 weeks and the number of aligners you get, depends on how much movement you need.

The biggest advantage of Invisalign® is their convenience. The aligners can be removed when eating, drinking, and cleaning your teeth, one of the main difficulties with traditional fixed braces. Equally they can be removed for a special event, and immediately started again afterwards, however, most of our patients don’t feel the need to as they are barely visible. For fastest results, the aligners should be worn for approximately 22 hours per day.

Benefits of Orthodontics

There are many benefits of orthodontic treatment. All patients feel that their confidence has been given a real boost from having straighter teeth. Not only can it provide better self-esteem, but it improves the functionality of your teeth.
Straighter teeth means fewer gaps and fewer places for food debris to get trapped. This makes it easier for you to brush and floss your teeth, reducing gum inflammation and reducing your risk of gum disease. Not only can treatment improve your oral health, it can improve your bite and your ability to chew food.

Our in-house Specialist Orthodontist

Phil Cooper, our in-house Specialist Orthodontist, has the skills and training to get you the results you are looking for, using any of the options mentioned. Your journey starts with a free assessment, followed by a detailed consultation, where you can discuss what you want to achieve with your smile. All the options will be discussed so you can decide what treatment will work the best for you.

Phil graduated in dentistry from the University of Manchester in 2013. He has trained at the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute in London and worked in oral & maxillofacial surgery in Liverpool.

He gained his Doctorate in Orthodontics (DDS) from the University of Bristol and his Membership in Orthodontics (MOrtho) from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. He is on the GDC specialist register for Orthodontics and is a member of the British Orthodontic Society. Phil recently joined the team at St.James Dental, and we are both privileged and excited to offer this specialist service to both our existing patients as well as new and external referrals. Phil offers a full range of orthodontic treatments and uses his good communication skills to guide his patients along their journey in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

If you would like to find out more about how Phil and St.James Dental can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted, why not contact Jaime our patient coordinator, on 01452 727 665 or email [email protected]. Take the first step to a winning smile…

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