Gordon Carey


BSc (Hons) BDS

Snoring can cause sleep disturbance for both the snorer and those around them leading to symptoms of excessive daytime sleepiness, reduced mental function, emotional upset and relationship issues. If severe it can also be an early warning sign of obstructive sleep apnoea, whereby people intermittently struggle or stop breathing during the night. Receiving help for such sleep-related breathing disorders is essential as they are linked to an increased risk of traffic accidents and cardiovascular disease

St.James Dental can offer you a solution:

Dr. Gordon Carey is a highly experienced Platinum Somnowell Practitioner enabling him to provide patients with the market leading intraoral device that reduces both snoring and sleep apnoea.

Dental Expertise & Innovation

As featured in BBC1 documentary “Goodnight Britain” The Somnowell is the world’s first 4th generation oral device. Tailor-made from a medical alloy, the Somnowell is a lifetime solution and the most slim-line, comfortable and hygienic device available.

For further details visit: https://www.somnowell.com/ or call our Patient Co-ordinator on 01452 727665 or email her on info@stjamesdental.com

A Somnowell appliance will transform your life, providing you with a far more comfortable and much-deserved sleep, both for you and your partner.

Snoring Device