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Wind back the years by smoothing out your wrinkles

Too much sun or too little sleep? The stresses and strains of modern life can take its toll on your skin and sadly, it is most likely to show on your face. Thankfully, you do not have to resign yourself to the effects of premature ageing. Due to the dermal fillers revolution, we can smooth out those unwanted folds and wrinkles, and give you an altogether more relaxed and fresher look.

Youthful and natural looking

As we age, the underlying tissues that keep our skin looking youthful and plumped up begin to break down, often leaving laughter lines, smile lines, crow’s feet or facial creases over the areas where movement occurs. Injectable fillers can help to fill in these lines and creases, resulting in a smoother, more youthful and natural looking appearance that can last for up to twelve months. We numb the area with topical anaesthetic cream to minimise discomfort and ensure the procedure is comfortable and stress-free.

15 minute discussion – no charge
Profhilo – from £250
Dermal fillers – from £340

(cost is dependent on how many syringes are used. We only use the very best dermal fillers available, which are supplied in individual syringes)

Dentist Natural looking results
Dentist Reduce the signs of ageing
Dentist Simple, fast and effective treatment

How does it work?

When injected underneath the skin, dermal fillers plump up the creased and sunken areas of the face and add fullness to the lips and cheeks. A healthier and brighter appearance can be achieved with this non-surgical solution. Results are seen immediately but take 1 to 3 weeks to reach their full potential.

We also provide anti-wrinkle treatment, either on its own or in combination with dermal fillers. This simple treatment can temporarily smooth lines for men and women. You will see a noticeable improvement in those persistent fine lines and wrinkles in just a few days.


What can dermal fillers treat?


Gradually over time your lips can become thinner, smaller and develop fine lines at the edges into which lipstick bleeds. Injecting small amounts of filler can restore a smoother more defined border and a more natural youthful look.

Fuller lips

If you desire full lips, we can tailor your treatment from a mild natural ‘touch up’ to a more glamorous ‘pout’. Fuller, softer lips help create a beaming smile and more confident appearance. With dermal fillers, your lips can be contoured to create the size and shape you desire.


Dermal fillers can also be used to treat eye lines, tear troughs, mouth lines, smile lines on the cheeks, chin indentations and frown lines between the eyebrows. By restoring the volume to these areas your skin will look smoother, softer and more youthful.


We can now use dermal fillers to change the appearance of your nose with non-surgical rhinoplasty and dorsal hump reduction. These simple and safe procedures offer a non-surgical approach with life changing results.


Balancing and improving the symmetry of your profile.



Profhilo® is an ultra-pure, stabilised hyaluronic gel. Unlike anti-wrinkle treatments, Profhilo® stimulates collagen and elastin, attracting water in the deepest layers of the skin. As a stabilised gel, the activity on dermal cells lasts longer than that of a non-stabilised gel. Profhilo® stimulates four different types of collagen and elastin.

Profhilo® is not a skin booster, it is better than that. Clinical studies have shown Profhilo® totally remodels ageing and sagging skin to help restore total hydration. The end result is fewer wrinkles, tighter, brighter and firmer skin. The treatment requires two sessions, four weeks apart, and should be repeated annually.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your appearance, whether it be your nose, face or skin – then contact us today to see how we can help.


Take the first step to rejuvenated skin

For more information on dermal fillers, please contact our patient coordinator, Jaime, on 01452 727 665 or [email protected].

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