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I thought my teeth were beyond repair and eating was more and more difficult as I only had a few left. After having a chat with Ollie Stew and reading good things online about his work, I decided to go for it. The transformation has been remarkable as he has rebuilt each tooth to give me back my natural smile that I haven’t had for many years.

Alleviating an insecurity can be daunting! After been told my desired smile wasn’t achievable by past dentists I decided to do my own research. Luckily I found St. James Dentist and booked my first consultation with Mr Oliver Stew. Throughout my consultation Oliver was very patient and discussed each procedure in detail. Oliver and I agreed on the best process and I left feeling confident that I was in safe hands.

Oliver informed me that the process was going to take time, I felt this proved patience and care. On the day of the procedure I was made to feel comfortable and well looked after. Very relaxing atmosphere. The moment I set eyes on my new improvement smile I couldn’t explain the emotions felt. Oliver is an outstanding dentist and his work speaks volumes! A true artist! I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Highly recommend!

I had an extraction today with Simi and literally could not have had it done if it wasn’t for her calm nature, understanding and patience with me! This lady is amazing and Sophie is lovely too! Highly recommend them!
K Gillespie

Don’t look any further… I did take a leap of faith and so glad that I did. St. James Dental practice is excellent, highly professional and all staff are very friendly. During my first consultation, a detailed treatment plan and full costing was discussed, with absolutely no pressure to proceed immediately, without feeling really sure which options I really wanted to proceed with. I decided to have orthodontic corrective treatment followed by cosmetic restoration and I am thrilled with the results. My orthodontist and dentist are wonderful practitioners and I can’t thank them enough.
D Woodward

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Gordon, had to have two front teeth removed which I had hung on to for ages and was so nervous to have done, he treated me with respect and gentleness and has given me back a smile I am happy with. I put my complete trust in this man and would recommend him and the surgery to any nervous patient.
K Deakins

After a fear of going to the dentist for 10 years I wish I’d gone here sooner. Simi made the whole experience comfortable and calm, even though I needed a wisdom tooth and second molar extracted. She explained the whole process and used effective distraction techniques throughout to keep me calm and comfortable. Thank you for all that you have done. I will be returning and keeping up my regular check-ups.
A Daley

Having had horrible experiences at dentists as a child I have always been terrified of going to the dentist and avoided it at all costs. But when I had awful dental pain I made an appointment to visit St James Dental practice after my daughters recommended them as being good with anxious patients. The dentist is kind, compassionate, caring and provides information to help you fully understand options for treatment and exactly what is entailed and cost. I was not rushed, and treatment progressed in each appointment at a pace I could cope with.

After a few appointments I had had my sore tooth treated, a root canal filling and a cap and had my other crumbling teeth repaired. The dentist was not judgemental of my lack of dental visits over the years in fact I felt they understood me and my fears. Today I finished all the work needed and found myself asking about cosmetic work for my chipped teeth, something I never thought I would consider having done. I think at the age of 57 I can say that so long as I go to my dentist at St James Dental I am not anxious, no more crying with tears running into my ears as dentist drills my teeth. I trust them to help me manage any concerns, and anxieties, listen to me and make me proud of finally having healthy teeth. As well as the dentist the nurses are gentle and professional. Also the reception staff are friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this dental practice and intend to now go regularly for the first time in my life.Anonymous

My front right tooth had twisted outward and the thought of having adult braces to fix it was daunting. Nicola explained every step of the treatment to me and all costs involved were outlined at the start. I found the whole experience easy, efficient and I am extremely pleased with the results.

I am so happy I decided to go through with the treatment and would thoroughly recommend Nicola Steel and the St James Dental Practice.Anonymous

May I take this opportunity of writing to express my gratitude for the exceptional care, support and professional expertise I recently received whilst under your care for the extraction of a wisdom tooth. In the weeks prior to this appointment, I suffered with debilitating anxiety, but your calm and positive reassurance both before and during the procedure helped to alleviate my fears enormously, which was very much appreciated. It is wonderful to be free of pain!

With my sincere and grateful thanks for your care and support. and also thanks to your very helpful reception staff.Anonymous

For many years I dithered about having my teeth straightened and I was over 60 when I finally took the plunge. I talked it through with Nicki Steel at St James Dental and found her explanations very clear & reassuring. The financial side was also clearly explained, and there were no money surprises or extras later. When it came to the mould-making and fitting of braces, I can’t speak highly enough of Nicki’s care. 60+ is a bit of an odd age to go for braces, and could have been trickier than with someone younger, but the care I had made it very easy.

I am now very pleased with the results and, for the first time ever, my teeth look straight. If anyone past the first flush of youth is considering orthodontic treatment, my advice is to go for it, and I don’t think you’ll find anyone better than Nicki to provide it.Andy N

I have been visiting St.James Dental for many pleasant years now, and have enjoyed every visit with David and his dental staff. They are all perfection at its best. The staff who organise the visits are superb and very friendly to all patients including young children with parents. This perfectionism is maintained throughout all of my visits over the many years. I am now a member of Denplan, which works very well.

Now that David has retired, I am looked after by the very charming Simi Robbins and her dental assistant. The dental hygienist Ewa is also excellent. Many Congratulations to you all. Keep the hard work going for many years to come.
Bernard James Harris

Simi is amazing, made me very relaxedNicola C

I moved to this dentist after a very bad experience at previous practice. I was very nervous but Simi has made me feel very relaxed Lucy Y

Please can Helen be given a big thank you for her excellent work and care during my visits – Many thanks, RE – patient of Dr. Helen Willis

When my father passed away, and left me half his money
My first thought was ‘a holiday’ let’s fly off somewhere sunny
we’ll go to far off destinations that, in the past, we’d missed
yes that was a possibility, I’ll put it on my list
Or, like my sister, I could buy, a bolt hole by the sea
But no, we have our own caravan, that’s not the choice for me
Over the next month or so I pondered long and hard
about what to spend my money on, some jewellery, a new car,
In which to drive and visit friends and family in style
and then that lightbulb moment – I’d spend it on my smile!!

‘cause from my dad I’d inherited not only dosh but teeth
that despite a brace in my younger years, were starting to give me grief
My front teeth had started crossing, the incisor seemed hell bent
on facing backwards in my jaw, in a way it wasn’t meant
to and the space that opened as it turned itself from front to back
gave me hours of constant fiddling as my tongue explored the gap.
My top teeth didn’t match up with the bottoms as they should
so all in all, I really felt, my teeth were not that good.

I suddenly thought of an old friend, who’d been our dentist in the past
and contacted her through Facebook – a good use for it at last!
I looked up the dental practice where she worked and saw a sign
“Let Nicki straighten your crooked teeth – She’ll fit Invisalign
A see through plastic retainer no need for wires and clips
You know the ones, those train tracks, that catch inside your lips
So off I went to see her, for a consult and a view
on how long it would take to work, and what it would cost me too!

Despite the sum of money, I would have to pay it meant
that I would smile with confidence. The money so well spent.
So in February she fitted me with retainer no 1
with 23 more trays to go, my journey had begun
I have to say it was a breeze, they never were too tight
The only annoyance was the elastic bands I had to wear each night
But gradually I noticed an improvement, I could see
My teeth beginning to move back in place, where they should be
And finally the day had come, I’d fitted number 24
And went to Nicola, she said “you need 6 more”

Oh damn and blast I really thought I’d finished at long last
But 6 more weeks. A nuisance, but that time soon flew past.
And yesterday I went to see her hoping all the while
That I’d walk out from the surgery with, beneath my mask, a smile
Uncovered, no more lisping, no more plastic in my gob
And I did! Hooray!! it’s finished. Thank you Nicola. Great Job!!!!!

In collaboration with Oliver Stew, we planned work to repair 30 years of damage using new techniques and the minimum of drilling! Although it needed many sessions the end result is a natural and comfortable ‘new’ set of teeth I am confident will last for a long time. There was plenty of communication throughout the whole process, so I always knew what was going on and what to expect – Thank you. DJ -patient of Dr Oliver Stew

The best dental practice I have been to. GL

Thanks to Karen (hygienist) and Helen once again for a very pleasant visit – like seeing ‘old friends’. Always a pleasure DC – patient of Dr Helen Willis

As a child I had really bad experiences with the “school dentist”, because of this I have been terrified of any dental visits. Oliver and Karen are exceptional; they have helped me through my fears. LH – patient of Dr Oliver Stew

Excellent consultation by Gordon. Explains the options and costs but doesn’t push – allows discussion and time to consider. Sets out the options for the future. DS – patient of Dr Gordon Carey

Nicki (orthodontist) had completely transformed by smile. She is extremely dedicated and has a wonderfully calming and compassionate attitude. Highly recommended – thank you. HP – patient of Dr Nicki Steel

Simi helped me face my fears

I am a nervous dental patient so went to St.James’ Dental Practice and had an appointment with Simi. I was reassured throughout all of my appointments. I chose to be sedated for three of my appointments, Simi was so patient with me and very supportive of my dislike of dental appointments. I would definitely recommend St.James Dental Practice and especially Simi.

I am very happy to recommend St. James Dental. They consistently offer a superb level of skill, consideration and communication which I look for in any professional practice. Both Oliver, my dentist and Ewa, my hygienist, are a pleasure to visit and very welcoming, being ready to discuss matters clearly and give me time to reflect on difficult decisions, when needed. The staff in reception are equally helpful and dependable. Premises and facilities always tranquil & clean.

Premises and facilities always tranquil & clean. John Scothern

I have been with St James Dental since about 1994 and I have always found the service excellent. My current dentist is Oliver Stew, and Karen Leighton is my hygienist. Both are top notch practitioners: patient, thorough, sensitive, very good communicators and the standard of workmanship is excellent. In particular, when treatment is needed, Oliver is always willing to discuss the problem and explain the options in detail with his recommended solution before proceeding, which I find very reassuring. The team at St James has completely eliminated the fear of dentistry I had developed from a few bad experiences in my early years elsewhere and I would unreservedly recommend the practice to anyone. Anonymous

St James has completely eliminated the fear of dentistry Deryck Pritchard

Gordon has been my dentist for many years, can’t fault him, always exceptional service. Don’t ever leave the practice Gordon. Josie Hawkins

I have been a patient for many years and travel across from Cheltenham. An amazing surgery who are polite, professional and Gordon is a brilliant dentist who has saved several of my teeth! Highly recommended! Catherine Gardiner

I am so pleased with all the treatment I’ve received it gives me confidence in the dentist , this is something I’ve struggled with for years, Many thanks Tracy C

I love them all, such a nervous patient but they always look after me. Never retire or change practice Gordon Karen D

My daughter had a dental emergency today. Alix kindly saw her and with much patient managed to work on her tooth. She was brilliant with my daughter and very patient – Thank you SD – patient of Dr Alix Mathewson

I attended St James Dental for teeth whitening and two front veneers. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and can feel good about smiling again. It has really boosted my confidence. SJ – patient of Dr Oliver Stew

The whole process was great with Simi at St James, from my first consultation through to my actual treatment. Simi was very kind and patient; she talked me through each stage to ensure I was relaxed and happy to go ahead with the treatment. Sedation patient of Dr. Simi Robbins

Simi gave me the confidence to book and come back for my second treatment. I would go as far as saying I was almost looking forward to it as it was such a relief to know I was in such good hands. sedation patient of Dr. Simi Robbins

Has resulted in persistently better night’s sleep for me and my partner. Somnowell patient of Dr Gordon Carey

Having lived with a horrible set of teeth all my life, I was finally spurred into action when I received an email from St.James Dental. I would usually ignore these but thank goodness I didn’t. I’d also spent the first half of my life being terrified of dentists but when I’d got over that, I kept asking if technology had got to the stage of straightening my teeth without me looking like Jaws from James Bond. Until I got that email, no-one was able to offer me a solution. Right from the start, Nicola made the whole experience so easy and pleasant. She instilled such confidence and it all felt so safe and was certainly completely painfree. My only regret is that I would love to have done this years ago – 55 years of not smiling properly is a hard habit to break but I’m getting used to laughing out loud and baring a huge smile. Thank you so much Nicola. Patient of Dr Nicki Steel

I couldn’t recommend Nicola highly enough she really does her utmost best for you.
Nicola is a lovely, softly spoken, understanding person. Very thorough in her explanation of the treatment/plan. You can ask her anything and she will reassure you. I have very sensitive teeth and Nicola went the extra mile to ensure I was never in any discomfort from the start of my treatment, right until my braces were removed.
You can’t fault her after care either always at the end of the phone for any worries or quick appointment.  I couldn’t recommend Nicola high enough she really does her utmost best for you.Neeta D

At nearly 30 I was a little apprehensive about braces but Nicki talked me through my options and put me completely at ease. My treatment was pain-free and people didn’t even notice the brace! I’m so thrilled with the result. I love my smile now and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. KP – patient of Dr Nicki Steel

It’s a miracle; I have worn the device every night since I had it fitted. My wife and I now get a brilliant night’s sleep, it was worth every penny. Somnowell (snoring device) patient of Dr. Gordon Carey

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