Have you considered a Mini Smile Makeover?

12 January 2021

Beautiful Smile, Minimal Intervention, Minimal Cost

Traditional Smile Makeovers

In the past, the only way to improve the shape, colour and alignment of the teeth was to drill away precious natural enamel and make space for porcelain crowns and veneers, which often needed replacements over time. The process of repeatedly damaging the living part of the tooth can lead to pain and infection, and the need for root canal treatment. This treatment weakens the teeth even further, making them more vulnerable to fracture. With growing consumer demand for enhanced smiles but with less invasive techniques, we have seen the rise in the Mini Smile Makeover (MSM).

Mini Smile Makeovers

‘Mini’ is short for ‘minimally invasive’. New whitening and adhesive resin bonding technology allow us to make profound long lasting aesthetic improvements to your smile, without the tooth destruction associated with porcelain crowns and veneers. Here at St.James Dental, Dr Oliver Stew is certified to provide Mini Smile Makeovers (MSM). He can improve the appearance of chipped or worn teeth, can reshape peg laterals, reduce diastemas and restore black triangles with minimal tooth prep, often resulting in lower costs and faster results than traditional porcelain restorations.

Improvements can be made to single teeth, several teeth, or the whole smile. We will usually take impressions to assess your teeth, before suggesting possible improvements. We can even ‘mock up’ the improvements in your mouth, to give you an idea of what’s possible.

What are the advantages?

The most important advantage is the preservation of natural tooth. The process is much less destructive, often with no drilling at all. Mini Smile Makeovers tend to cost significantly less than traditional crowns and veneers, as there is no need for expensive porcelain work. There is often less planning required than a full smile makeover, which means you will only need to attend our dentist in Quedgeley once or twice and can often have your new smile in just one day!

What are the disadvantages?

Resin bonding is slightly more prone to chipping and staining than porcelain restorations (although porcelain can still chip and stain). However, your dentist or hygienist can polish the restorations at regular check-ups without affecting your natural teeth. You can expect your new smile to last for 2-5 years without major replacement. With proper care and maintenance, it could last for much longer.

Should I have teeth whitening first?

As part of your smile assessment, we will analyse the colour of your teeth. If you want to improve the shade of your teeth, then Enlighten™ whitening can transform the colour of your smile in just two weeks. Enlighten™ guarantees a dazzling B1 smile, with long lasting results and minimal maintenance. You don’t even need to change your diet or habits such as smoking.

I’m interested, what should I do next?

To achieve the best result, you may need orthodontics to align the teeth first and tooth whitening to brighten the smile. Composite bonding will add that vital finishing touch. Simply ask your dentist or hygienist about Mini Smile Makeovers and arrange a free assessment. Treatment times can vary from 1 day to 6 months depending on the situation. Your journey starts with photographs and impressions to help you understand what can be achieved.

Mini Smile Makeovers are as simple as ABC;

A – Align with Invisalign™ from £1,990

B – Bleach with Enlighten™ from £360

C – Composite bonding from £300 (per tooth)

Treatment packages are available. Please speak to Jaime, our patient coordinator for more information on 01452 727 665 or email [email protected] Take the first step in transforming your smile…

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