February 1, 2019

At St.James Dental, we are dedicated to improving the oral health for all of our patients. Our team of specially trained oral health educators are on hand to advise patients of all ages how to improve and maintain excellent teeth and gums. With a friendly approach, they make the sessions fun and informative so you can better understand how to maintain better oral hygiene habits long term.

Kylie, Rachel and Tash are all experienced senior dental nurses that have undergone additional training with the British Dental Association. They provide oral health education sessions at the practice as well as local schools and nurseries. Here are just a few of the topics they cover;

  • Discuss the pH scale along with the acid and alkaline content of foods
  • Diet advice including the frequency of eating certain foods/drinks such as sugar
  • The importance of removing plaque on a daily basis to prevent acid attack on the teeth
  • Use disclosing tablets to show you visible plaque left behind after you brush
  • How to protect your teeth during orthodontic treatment (braces) to prevent the risk of decalcification
  • Discuss and demonstrate the importance of cleaning in-between your teeth
  • Discuss and demonstrate the importance of good toothbrushing techniques to prevent recession and tooth wear

If you would like more information on this service or to book an appointment please contact our reception team 01452 727667