Dental Implants – do you have missing teeth or wear a denture?

12 August 2021

Would you like permanent replacements and a better solution?

What are dental implants

Dental implants are small titanium screws inserted into the jawbone under local anaesthetic. They can be used to replace just one, or several missing teeth and secure crowns, bridges, or dentures, firmly into place.

How can they help me?

This fixed solution can be life changing, improving your confidence and self-esteem. Dental implants can be indistinguishable from natural teeth, improving your appearance, smile and the function of your mouth.

They can eliminate the need for you to wear dentures, as several implants can span large gaps or replace an entire set of teeth. Your ability to speak and eat can be improved beyond measure, giving you a greater feeling of personal and social confidence as your teeth feel totally secure. Implants are extremely strong – it is just like having your own teeth back again. Even eating difficult food can once again be a pleasure.

Tooth loss can cause a sunken look to the face but replacing missing teeth can restore much of your facial fullness. Reducing those wrinkles around your lips will improve your facial contour. Dental implants can also prevent future bone loss, halting the detrimental process which would otherwise continue throughout life. Dental implants are considered the ‘gold standard’ in fixed tooth replacement. They provide the closest match to your existing or previous teeth. However, like anything else they require a clean and healthy mouth to be successful. If they are looked after well, they may just last you the rest of your life.

What about bone grafting?

Once a tooth is removed, the bone generally shrinks back over a period of months. Dental implants need enough bone to anchor them in and provide enough support to keep them healthy and strong. If extra bone is needed, it usually requires a simple procedure at the same time as placing your implant. This will be discussed with you in detail at the time of your consultation.

About our implant team?

Oliver Stew is our in-house dental implant surgeon. He works alongside a team of dedicated implant nurses to ensure that the entire implant process is a pleasant and life-changing experience. He will continue to monitor your implant, and work alongside our highly trained team of hygienists to make sure that your implant remains healthy.

How much do dental implants cost?

For more information about dental implants, why not make an appointment with Oliver Stew. Please contact our patient coordinator Jaime, on 01452 727 665 or email: [email protected].

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