What to do if an adult tooth is broken or knocked out? – Our top tips to help save a tooth !

26 October 2018

If a tooth is knocked out…

  1. Find the tooth. Hold the part usually visible in the mouth (the crown) not the root. Do not scrub the tooth or place it in bleach or disinfectant.
  2. If the tooth is clean. Hold it by the crown and gently push it back into its socket making sure that it is the right way round. This is usually painless if done immediately after the accident.
  3. If the tooth is dirty. Rinse it in milk or cold water before gently pushing it back into place.
  4. Hold the tooth in place. Bite gently on a handkerchief and immediately contact your dentist for further advice.

If you cannot put the tooth back in…

  1. Place it in a cup of milk. When milk is not available place the tooth in the mouth between the cheeks and gums.
  2. Do not let the tooth become dry but do not place the tooth in any kind of disinfectant.
  3. Go to your dentist immediately. If this is not possible, go to your casualty department and ask to be seen by the dentist on duty.

 If only the crown of the tooth is broken or chipped…

  1. Take your time and gather up all the pieces of tooth you can find, no matter how small.
  2. Take all the pieces to your dentist as soon as you can, as it is sometimes possible for your dentist to “stick” all the pieces back together again just like a jigsaw.
  3. If you are away from home, then take the pieces to the nearest casualty department and ask to be seen by the dentist on duty.

This information is only applicable for adult teeth. Replanting a baby tooth can affect the underlying adult teeth. If a baby tooth is lost – pop it under the pillow for the tooth fairy!

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