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Have you seen someone smile and found that all you notice is their amazing white teeth?
Have you wondered how you can also achieve that same brilliant smile?
St.James Dental has the answer….tooth whitening!

We offer professional tooth whitening that can bring back the brilliance and radiance of your smile, giving you a whiter, brighter smile in a simple and predictable procedure.

Why should I whiten my teeth?

Tooth colour is genetically determined just like hair colour, though unlike hair, teeth tend to darken naturally with age. Teeth can also become stained either superficially from coffee, tea and tobacco or internally as a result of illness and certain medications. Whitening is the easiest anti-ageing procedure and requires no needles or tooth preparation. Unlike treatments such as veneers or crowns, it is a cheaper and simpler way to transform your smile.

What does the procedure involve?

Impressions are taken of your teeth and sent to a dental laboratory
Clear flexible trays are custom made to precisely fit your teeth
Your teeth are cleaned by your dentist or hygienist to remove all superficial staining
Detailed instructions are given by your dentist on whitening safely at home
Before whitening your teeth you must brush them thoroughly
Carefully fill the tooth tray with the whitening gel and avoid overfilling
Wear the trays as directed by your dentist
Once removed, clean the trays and rinse your mouth thoroughly
If you experience any problems, stop treatment immediately and contact the practice for advice
Visit your dentist for a review appointment to check on your progress

Take a look at our video above for a quick overview of the procedure.

Is tooth whitening safe?

Yes, tooth whitening is very safe and doesn’t alter the hard tissues of the teeth. It does have the potential to make teeth more sensitive to hot or cold during treatment and it can irritate the gums if the trays are overfilled. Detailed instructions will be given by your dentist and any symptoms are usually temporary.

How long does the procedure take?

Once the impressions of your teeth have been taken by your dentist, your personalised trays will be returned from the laboratory ready to be fitted in around two weeks. Your dentist will ensure they fit correctly and go through the instructions to whiten at home. You will use the trays at home as often as daily or every other night, and should start to see your teeth change shade within a few weeks, but everyone is different.

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How can I get started?

If you are already a patient at St.James and you’ve had a recent examination, then book in straight away by contacting our reception team or speaking to your dentist. Alternatively, if we have not seen you before then you will need an examination to ensure your teeth are healthy and suitable to undergo treatment. Call our patient coordinator on 01452 727665 for more information!

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