Imran Nasser

BDS MFDS RCS (Ed) MSc (Implantology)


PRGF Endoret – The very latest in tissue regeneration

PRGF Endoret (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors) is a modern technique being used by healthcare professionals in regenerative medicine. It is an innovative, cutting-edge technology which allows use of the body’s own growth factors producing extraordinary results in tissue repair and regeneration. This revolutionary technology can be used for extractions, dental implants, and managing bone loss in gum disease. PRGF Endoret is a safe, effective and pain-free technique to promote faster healing with a significant reduction in pain and swelling.

This unique system works by obtaining a 100% concentration of your own growth factors from a small sample of your own blood and the results to date have been incredible. It is the most state of the art, natural way of speeding up the body’s healing process.

Imi and his team are fully trained to use this technology and will stop at nothing to ensure you are absolutely delighted with the results and your new found confidence. Contact our patient coordinator today and find out how St James Dental can help.

Useful information

What are the benefits of implant treatment?

  • They can replace your missing teeth
  • They can replace removable dentures
  • They can stop your bone and gums shrinking away
  • They can prevent the ageing effect from the loss of teeth
  • They look and feel completely natural
  • They are imperceptible from natural teeth
  • They can prevent further tooth loss
  • They will last your lifetime