Where would your teeth be without your gums?

You may lose your healthy teeth with unhealthy bleeding gums!

More teeth are lost through gum disease than tooth decay and given its links with serious medical conditions, it is now reasonable that we should consider gum health to be of great importance.

We all know that sometimes life gets in the way of the perfect oral hygiene routine which is why we are here for you and recommend at least two appointments each year to help keep you on the right track.

As the latest medical research improves our understanding of how the different systems of the body are interconnected, there is strong evidence indicating that gum disease is inextricably linked to other serious medical conditions. Recent studies have shown that gum disease can impact on overall wellbeing by changing the chemical composition of blood thereby increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and dementia. This new evidence signifies the importance oral health has on the entire body and patients can reduce their risk of disease and boost their overall wellbeing by maintaining good oral health. Current research suggests that there are going to be many more links uncovered in the near future.

A visit to the St.James Dental hygienists will not only leave your teeth cleaner and brighter but will also help to prevent periodontal disease (gum disease). New studies have shown that up to 80% of the population are affected by gum disease leading to tooth loss with many patients being unaware that they have this condition.

Our highly skilled team offer a range of hygiene services supported by patient education and product advice to help you achieve long-term oral health through a prevention and protection programme.

An individual treatment plan will be developed to care for your mouth and will include personalised oral hygiene instruction, dietary evaluation for prevention of decay and smoking cessation advice (where required). Each time you visit, we will assess your continuing teeth and gum condition and re-evaluate your home care plan.

A beautiful smile is a gift for life

Regular dental hygiene appointments are a crucial part of maintaining your oral health, looking after your smile and boosting your self-confidence.

Contact the St.James’s Dental patient coordinator on 01452 727665 or info@stjamesdental.com to make an appointment to come and benefit from our skilled, experienced knowledgeable and dedicated team of Hygienists and Therapists

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