Do you have black triangles between your teeth?

Photos courtesy of Ollie

Do your fillings keep breaking and require replacement?

Photos courtesy of Ollie

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile and would like a cost-effective option?

Photos courtesy of Ollie

Do you like the idea of a smile makeover but struggle to justify drilling your teeth first?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES then Bioclear may be the solution for YOU!

What is Bioclear?

Bioclear is an innovative technique of injection moulding white composite resin that provides superior strength compared to conventional white fillings. It uses a system of specially design matrices that adapt perfectly to your own teeth and extend below the gum line to create a smooth transition between filling and tooth. This not only offers superior aesthetics but enhances gum health and promotes a youthful smile.

Bioclear restorations require minimal tooth preparation compared to alternative treatments making them less damaging to your natural teeth. They are a cost-effective option compared to crowns and veneers that makes them a desirable and attractive alternative.

Am I suitable for Bioclear?

Black triangles affect upto 30% of adults and are often caused by bone loss and recession of the gum. They can also develop due to movement of the teeth during orthodontic treatment. These dark gaps can accumulate food debris, encourage plaque build-up and make your smile look older. Bioclear offers a cost-effective approach to closing these unsightly spaces with minimal tooth preparation.

Diastemas are the vertical space between two teeth. Although they are harmless many patients choose to close them. Bioclear is a simple and conservative technique that offers a fantastic solution.

Trauma can cause damage and chipping of the teeth. Bioclear can rebuild the teeth with a strong and aesthetic filling that ensures a long lasting and pleasing smile.

Bioclear can help you achieve your perfect smile.

How do I arrange for Bioclear?

If you would like more information, then speak to your St.James dentist or our Patient Co-ordinator on 01452 727665 or email