We welcome Dr Naomi Taylor to our team!

September 4, 2019

We would like to welcome the newest member of our dental team, Dr Naomi Taylor. Naomi has been known to the practice for some time, as her parents have been patients of the practice for many years. Naomi qualified from Bristol in 2011 and has been providing general dental care in the UK and overseas…

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Are you being treated with chemotherapy for cancer or know someone that is about to start treatment?

August 15, 2019

While chemotherapy helps treat cancer, it can also cause other side effects. We have created a useful fact sheet that includes information on how to minimise and manage the side effects of cancer treatment that can affect your mouth. If you would like a copy please contact Jaime our Patient Coordinator on 01452 727665 or…

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Vaping and Oral Health: It’s worse than you think!

July 31, 2019

Vaping can be just as dangerous, if not more dangerous than traditional smoking. The problem is that vaping is thought to be a safer alternative to traditional tobacco products, and companies are adding flavouring products to attract younger generations. The use of appealing flavours is thought to be the primary reason that 81% of current…

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Are your wisdom teeth giving you problems? Why not come and talk to one of our St.James dentists today to see what we can do.

July 23, 2019

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come through, and as a result, they often get stuck because the jaw runs out of space. This means they can become difficult to clean, leading to bad breath, an altered taste or problems with gum infection and tooth decay. Some wisdom teeth can be taken out by…

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Have you seen someone smile and found that all you notice is their amazing white teeth?

July 11, 2019

It could be they have had their teeth whitened. Tooth whitening is now very popular and not just with celebrities! If you have seen a dentist regularly and have a healthy mouth, you will be suitable for tooth whitening. Read on for how professional tooth whitening can bring back the brilliance and radiance of your smile, giving…

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Our top tips on how to care for your children’s teeth

July 3, 2019

Our dentists and oral health educators are often asked for advice on how to care for young children’s teeth, so here are our top tips. Cleaning your baby’s teeth Toothbrushing should be started before the teeth erupt. This allows your baby to get used to having a brush in their mouth. To brush your baby’s…

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Do you like to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

June 14, 2019

Do you go to the gym, try to eat a healthy balanced diet and drink plenty of water? Do you look after your oral health? New evidence confirms what dental professionals have suspected for a long time; that infections in the mouth can be linked to other problems in the body, such as heart disease…

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What is Fluoride and is it safe?

May 28, 2019

Fluoride has recently received some bad press due to alleged health risks. This has caused some major controversy with some patients refusing to use fluoride products. At St.James Dental, we feel that fluoride is crucial to maintaining healthy teeth especially in children, so we have put together some key information for your benefit. What is Fluoride?…

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St.James Dental supports National Smile Month

May 21, 2019

National Smile Month runs from the 13th May – 13th June to encourage ​dental and ​other health professionals, schools, pharmacies, community groups, colleges and workplaces – in fact, anyone with an interest in good oral healthcare – to join in and help educate, motivate and communicate positive oral health messages and improve the quality of smiles all…

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Top tips for a tooth-friendly Easter

April 18, 2019

Spring has finally sprung and with Easter just around the corner the supermarkets are full of hundreds of chocolatey Easter treats. Easter can be great fun for children but the amount of sugary treats available can be a disaster for teeth. We have put some top tips together to help your family enjoy the Easter…

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