Dentists on the frontline in the battle against oral cancers.

August 16, 2018

Government advisors have finally accepted the case for extending HPV vaccinations to boys. Dentists on the frontline in the battle against oral cancers. Extending the programme will protect all our children from this cancer-causing virus. HPV is the leading cause of oral cancer and dentists are often the first to spot the signs for full…

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Environmental concerns about dental amalgam

July 26, 2018

From 1 July 2018, UK law states that dental amalgam should not be used in the treatment of milk teeth, in children under 15 years-old, and in pregnant or breastfeeding women, except where deemed strictly necessary by a dentist based on the specific medical needs of the patient. The law has been passed on the…

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NHS England is calling on dentists…

July 23, 2018

…to see an additional 70,000 pre-school children as part of a drive to tackle tooth decay Latest data shows that over 140 children per day in England (some just one year old), are having teeth removed because of dental decay. This problem is now being addressed with a newly launched programme Starting Well Core to…

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Denplan’s Emergency Helpline

July 10, 2018

If you have a dental plan with St.James and you are going away make a note of the Denplan Emergency helpline number in case you need it whilst on holiday. If you don’t have a dental plan and would like more information please call our patient coordinator on 01452 727665 or email

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Tooth Whitening Special Offer

June 13, 2018

Available from 1st July – 31st August For more information, contact Laura, our patient coordinator on 01452 727665 or email Please click here to view our special offers, or click here to contact us.

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More adults in UK are receiving orthodontic treatment

June 4, 2018

if you would like further information or to make an appointment please contact us by clicking here

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Facial Aesthetics at St.James Dental with Alix Mathewson

June 1, 2018

You may be wondering why a dentist would be performing facial aesthetics. The truth is that dentists are actually ideally placed to perform such treatments, dentists undergo five years of undergraduate education focusing on just the face! With this training and experience Alix Mathewson will use the most reliable and contemporary techniques to make your…

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Our Latest Newsletter

May 29, 2018

Download our Latest Newsletter by clicking here.

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Invisalign Offer!

Invisalign Clear Braces, for only £133.00 per month! Contact the practice for more information today.

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Huge congratulations

May 24, 2018

Huge congratulations to Imi who returned from his final trip to Hungary after passing his exams in Advanced Surgical Master Curriculum in Regenerative Implant Dentistry. Imi is pictured here with Professor Urban handing over certification from the University of Szeged.

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